2016 Australian & PNG Industrial & Mining Resources EXPO

For our exhibitors we will have a half day seminar the day prior to the Expo on ‘How to do Business in PNG’. The Expo is a two day event with a half day conference and the other half day to attend the exhibition. This works as an incentive for the delegates to attend.

 To ensure you don’t miss out, book early. Limited spots available.

The Australian and PNG Industrial and Mining Resources Exhibition will be held in Port Moresby on the 2oth & 21st July.

It is not easy to do business in P.N.G. But the resource and industrial industries, along with the oil and gas, is strong and still developing.


Exhibitors will have the opportunity to register – for a one on one meeting with the buyers – A list of buyer attendees will be forwarded to exhibitors prior to the event, whereby they choose who they want the one on one meeting with. Due to time restraints – those who register early will be guaranteed a meeting schedule.

Only Exhibitors are eligible for the Meet The Buyer Program.

For all bookings contact Renae or Patrick : Renae@ttmediagroup.com.au  Patrick@ttmediagroup.com.au

PNG Expo 1 PNG Expo 2 PNG Expo 3 PNG Expo 4

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