Who We Are

We’re Trans Tasman Media. We specialise in Multi-Platform Media Communications across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

As a specialist publisher, we produce magazines that can be found in airports, on trains, on board planes, within mine sites, on trade sites and even on ferries.

You may call us creatives, partners, event planners or communication pros – call us what you like, we’re here to help you strategise, plan and execute campaigns that tell your story to the best possible set of ears.



Our Work

The TRADIE Magazine is distributed to trade stores nation-wide and construction sites in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. With editorial content to inform and entertain employers and employees of the broader trade industry.

The Queensland Recreational Boating & Fishing Guide is an annual publication containing three main sections with all new information relevant to Boating in Queensland, Marine Parks in Queensland and Fishing in Queensland.

Mining Life & Living Magazine is distributed to a number of mine sites and focuses on the health and well-being of workers in the mining industry. Currently, the magazine is distributed in over 35 mine sites across Queensland and New South Wales, but this number is set to increase with each issue.

Skippers Inflight Magazine can be found in both the seat pocket of Skippers aircrafts and within the airline’s terminal. Skippers is the airline of WA miners.

Coffs Harbour Airport Magazine is distributed quarterly at the Coffs Harbour Airport, with editorial content to inform, educate and entertain passengers.

Regional Skies Inflight Magazine is distributed bi-monthly on all Fly Corporate flights, with editorial content to inform, educate and entertain passengers.

Our New Zealand is Interislander’s and Kiwirail Scenic Journey’s free onboard travel magazine, reaching over 1.1 million passengers annually.



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